Michigan Roads - M-1


Photos are taken heading northward out of downtown Detroit.

Westbound in Cadillac Square (which is more of a wide boulevard than a square), not on M-1 quite yet. Maybe it's "TO" M-1, if you assume there's another sign missing, but it sure doesn't look like it. There's more Cadillac Square on the Detroit roads page linked below.

Up to a very famous and ornate theater.

The detailed entrance and looking east across the street to the home of the Tigers.

Now a few intriguing churches: St. John's Episcopal, First Unitarian of Detroit, and the Ecumenical Theological Seminary. Whoops, looks like a road sign snuck into the last photo.

No bones about it, this is definitely a road photo. This non-cutout shield is at Mack Ave.

A 19th-century house on the southbound side of Woodward Ave. next to another 19th-century house.

I later came the rest of the way from Pontiac down in the SB direction, and I only saw these two photos worth taking. The first is there for using a stretched diamond on a black background (and none for M-10) and the reason for the second should be obvious.

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