Michigan Roads - I-696

All photos are eastbound except for the next one. They're also less blurry AND do not misuse either 2-digit shields or Clearview font.

Some people would call any use of Clearview a misuse. I just call the placement of the I-96 shield a misuse, because it leaves room for another phantom route that doesn't exist.

It's always good to know a detour ends once I'm already on the route. In fact, there was no detour at the time (though the EB side was down to one lane). This sign just gets flagged for gross violation of shield design.

Past Exits 11 and 13 to Exit 16 (M-1) and you can't see anything going on around you.

Exit 1 to I-96
Exit 1 to I-275
Exit 1 to M-5
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