Michigan Roads - I-69/I-94

and I-69/94

All photos are northbound turning to eastbound except for one. Clearview is not supposed to be used for shield numerals. Some font, huh? The sign is in Kinderhook, possibly Copeland Rd. EB just north of Indiana, and is courtesy Doug Kerr.

Michigan loves its Clearview so much, it gets carried away. As I said, it doesn't belong in numerals, so fault the exit numbers and Interstate shields in these photos. M-227 appears to have gotten the font style right, but the numeral width is too narrow for the wide shield.

Big shield-small shield, which shouldn't happen when two Interstates share the route. It's more okay when one of them is a Business loop, but Business 94 really should not have dragged the recreational Heritage Route with it. Hard to get the bicyclists down the shoulder safely.

Breaking free of I-96, I-69 turns to an east-west route over to Port Huron. Here it comes upon the old and new versions of the same route with different numbers. How? US 27 was rolled back in 2001, truncated in Indiana, and replaced with US 127 in Michigan north of their former meeting point.

Cheating momentarily (I'm clearly still traveling in the EB lanes), looking west at the setting sun near Flint.

While construction was busy ripping up one side or the other of the original concrete freeway, which causes me to shed a tear, the contractor or MDOT ended up installing at least one awfully ugly speed limit sign along the way (this one is between work zones).

Typical Michigan practices - white background behind a Business Interstate shield and underlining the cardinal directions. I think I-69 ought to get first billing compared to I-94, at least while you're still on 69.

Across the I-69/94 Bluewater Bridge to Ontario Highway 402. The WB span is clearly the original bridge at this location, with a marginal attempt to at least match the color and general arch shape (especially height) for the EB twin span. ("Twin span" is a common term for a dual-bridge crossing, but I'm more inclined to call this a "little sibling" because it wasn't born anywhere near the same time.)

The water's sure blue from this angle. Ontario is left, Michigan is right.

Exit 198 or otherwise onto I-94 alone
Exit 199 to Business I-69 in Port Huron

Into Indiana on I-69
Into Ontario on Highway 402
Onto Business I-94 (Marshall)
Onto I-96
Exit 89 to US 127
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