Michigan Roads - I-275


Two 275s, one Toledo. It's the newest shock meme.

The problem with this NB sign is the mixture of the route shield and street name, which is a no-no according to the MUTCD. This application makes Mich Ave look like a destination to be reached - an underline or border line would be used to separate the street name alone, and the route shield alone would have no problems. Also, three destinations is too many for one route. I pick Ypsi to go because traffic could have taken I-94 already.

Just because two digits can do it doesn't mean three digits can. 6 Mile Rd. EB.

I-275 NB ends at this interchange and I-96 continues alone. Had I-96 followed M-5 to the east like it was planned to (staying with the original route of US 16 along Grand River Ave.), then it would make sense that I-275 ends here. Now it's just an unnecessary duplex. Notice the neutered M-5 shield, missing the M on top.

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