Michigan Roads - I-196/US 31

and I-196/US 31

I-196 ends at I-94. US 31 continues from I-196 onto I-94. This is not the junction of US 31. Chicago - Niles is not a city.

An abandoned SB rest area between Exits 18 and 13.

I-196/US 31 SB parallel CR A2, old US 31, until I give in and take Exit 36 to check it out. Michigan used to paint its overpass piers with chevrons until it figured out guiderail.

NB in Holland courtesy J.P. Nasiatka and WB in Zeeland at the other end of the same business route. Yes, I-196 changes directions in Holland. J.P.'s photo includes the Lake Michigan Circle Tour shield and the newly adopted national practice (presumably developed in Michigan) of signing splits with long up arrows. Both signs show Michigan's standard practice of white backgrounds behind Business shields. Why does the US 31 shield look so wrong?

M-6, the relatively new South Beltline around Grand Rapids, WB coming to its end at I-196. This is here to show the standard but unique overpass design along the Beltline.

Here's a different Business I-196, the one in Grand Rapids, with a different shield problem. The second sign is at the top of the ramp to US 131, where there are a couple hundred feet to merge across three lanes for the Wealthy St. left exit. I'm not sure if this sign is enforced or enforceable with tickets.

Exit 44 to US 31 alone
Exit 44 or 55 to Business I-196, Holland

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