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Click to follow the short I-375 SB freeway into downtown Detroit. Notice as I leave I-75 NB that there are arrows painted on the pavement and additional dashed lines inside the lane lines to make the lanes seem narrower. This practice of slowing traffic down before an unexpectedly sharp curve (relatively speaking to normal freeway speeds) is common in Europe but this is the first time I saw it in this country.

WB on Cadillac Square (a boulevard) to JFK Square (a circle, but close enough).

It's not standard to put Alley in the sign, but it's not like Federal funding is being used for these few signs anyway.

In Greektown, maybe the nicest neighborhood in the city. I love the black bears on these signs.

Both on W. Lafayette St. EB. The green sign is just a smidge newer.

Now on into the tunnel, so click to ride with me to Ontario.

The Grand Blvd. bridge as seen from Belle Isle (the reason there's a bridge).

WB across the bridge to Detroit, looking left and right on the Detroit side at the bridge plaques. The MacArthur Bridge designation was added in 1962 and the bridge was renovated in 1986, so at least the MacArthur plaque is only about 20 years old instead of nearly 90.

If you were a good reader and rode with me to Ontario before, you can see these bonus Grand Blvd. bridge views from there.

1/2/10 Detroit Road Meet

M-1, Woodward Ave.
M-3, Gratiot Ave.
M-5, Grand River Ave.
M-8, Davison Ave.
M-10, Lodge Freeway
M-39, Southfield Freeway/Road
M-85 and Ambassador Bridge
M-102, 8 Mile Rd.
US 12, Michigan Ave.
US 24, Telegraph Rd.
I-75, Fisher and Chrysler Freeways
I-94, Edsel Ford Freeway
I-96, Jeffries Freeway
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