Michigan Roads - Bus. I-69/94 Port Huron

All photos are eastbound.

This one doesn't have the same cachet as the older ones in town, just stuffing the numerals in there as crowdedly as possible. Business I-69 and I-94 start out on separate paths but come together downtown where the fun starts.

Past the old Michigan National Bank, a drawbridge rises over the Black River. And eventually falls, and I come to more shields.

The farther I go, the more the shields fade (the photo on top of the page is between these two). Finally I get back to I-69/94 right at the Customs station (westbound for entering the US).

The Business routes end here at Hancock St. and curve around to the Exit 274 approach that is the American end of the two Interstates (the interchange is a wye to Canada where the routes technically continue to the border).

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