Maine Roads - Veterans Bridge

Veterans (Memorial) Bridge, Portland

Starting at the north end, because that's where I walked from, looking south along the old Veterans Bridge. ("Memorial" is in the official name, especially for the new bridge, but it seems to drop in common parlance.)
Looking north from the end of the bridge, Valley St. is still open straight ahead across US 1A, but there's no need to provide a green light for traffic that's not exiting here. It may be meant for the occasional construction vehicle, but traffic is not so heavy that they couldn't just exit whenever a gap opens up.

The old and the new, looking south.

A few views of the old span as I walk south. Unspectacular during its service, the bridge has become worthy of my journalistic efforts now that dismantling is underway.

Failed attempt at architecture on the east sidewalk of the new bridge. At least it costs money.

To the south side, where the two bridges come together and the naked beams rest on the relatively intact old southern abutment.

A few views of the old bridge in line with its girders instead of from the side.

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