Maine Roads - US 201/202/ME 27

, US 201/202, US 201/ME 27
The only old 201 shield I saw, and it's trying to hide from me...

Almost all photos are southbound.

Around the town triangle in Skowhegan.

Fairfield, just north of Waterville.

Through Waterville to Winslow, land of one-piece signs.

Nearing ME 9.

The only two NB photos on this page. At some point MaineDOT decided to add an I-95 reassurance to an already overcrowded sign, and it makes matters even worse that they forgot to make it color-fast. The ME 17 page (linked at bottom) has more from this area.

Heading south from US 202, now on only a 2-route concurrency with ME 27. This is the Maine State House.

There was some sort of crossing to Browns Island here, but there's no scar of either a former road or railroad on the island. Was it just a foot crossing?

US 201 sheds ME 27 in Gardiner, but can't help but revisit ME 9 for a short time (that's in the third photo). Notice, with the I-95 and I-295 shields next to each other, that the I-95 shield is really constructed to the wrong standards. The vertical proportions should match up exactly between the two, as should the precise colors and font style. And this error is repeated everywhere you see an I-95 shield anywhere in the state of Maine. At least shields have the state n ame inside by rule - maybe I ought not look a gift horse in the mouth.

As many state-name shields as you could ever stand, and it's just one interchange in one direction.

US 201 does not get far from I-295 for the rest of the ride. I-295 was originally I-95 until 2004, when I-95 moved over to the Maine Tpk. (formerly I-495) and 295 was extended up from Portland over the free route. That's why all the downstate I-95 and I-295 shields date from the same time, but it doesn't explain why I-395 shields and upstate I-95 shields look exactly the same as the downstaters.

I assume this DOT Compact has maintenance implications. This is Topsham, so the route is almost over.

What not to do to a shield. Ever. I blame ME 196, the Brunswick-Topsham Bypass. Sounds like it's a new road. I'm surprised the DOT or the contractor (whoever did this mess) didn't find a way to screw up the square outline.

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