Maine Roads - US 2 W. of Lincoln/ME 27

west of Lincoln, and US 2/ME 27

Like this bridge? It's at the beginning of ME 108. Visit that page, linked at bottom, for more.

WB and EB in Mexico. Not so sunny in this one.

WB with ME 17 NB at North Main St. in Dixfield, which crosses this here Dixfield Bridge. Mexico is west, and Peru is south. Maybe this town should be called Panama.

Nothing wrong here but the US shield.

WB in beautifully named Norridgewock, although the grange house looks like it's from Amityville, NY. Is it smiling at me, or is it leering? The US 201A is clearly a patch, but the only possibility I can think of is ME 139.

The EB end of the US 2/201A/ME 8 concurrency, though 201A continues on 2 back to parent US 201.

WB with US 201 SB around the central square in Skowhegan. One of those three-sided squares.

It doesn't get much worse, WB in Newport. ME 100 began along US 2 in Bangor and doesn't breathe on its own until it's almost dead in Portland.

All of US 2 WB/ME 7 NB/ME 100 SB (see how 100 is a fake route?) in Newport. The first photo is at Ridge Rd.

WB at the (former) Bangor & Aroostook R.R.

WB leaving Bangor. US 2 (and yes, ME 100) is Hammond St., turning at I-395 south of Bangor International Airport. The runway extension wiped out the original contiguous Hammond St. west of I-95, resulting in a realignment of the western piece that runs straight into I-395.

WB west of Bangor.

ME 222 WB from US 1A/202/ME 9 in Bangor. ME 100 begins multiplexed with US 2. While most of the US 2 photos on this page are solo, that is far away from Maine's norm.

EB in Bangor at and past the end of a one-way downtown couplet. Bangor needs to fix its US shields, its Business 15 shields, and its I-95 shields. Each for a different reason, at that. Shall I elaborate? I shall. The US shields are shaped like chipmunks making their last nut trip. The Business text crowds the top of the state shield. The I-95 shield needs to be cut out, although this is the first state-name non-cutout I've seen since RIDOT.

WB along the Penobscot River into Bangor.

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