Maine Roads - US 1A York

US 1A (York)

Walking SB (really west) on a road that's one-way NB, where York St. bears off of US 1 to head into York Harbor. The second sign is right at the gore.

The NB side of the sign that is the only one most people see. It also seems to be more sunwashed.

Assorted old signs at the left turn from US 1 SB onto York St. EB/US 1A NB. Most traffic would turn left at the Plaisted Rd. signal, but there are a few businesses along the one-way section that need full access.

I know Canadians like to vacation in New England, but with no other metric speed limit signs anywhere between New Brunswick or Québec and here, you'd think dinky little York Harbor would have no reason to put one up.

Courtesy Scott Colbert, this awful Cape Neddick sign on US 1A SB (Church St.) at US 1A NB (Long Beach Ave.) was mercifully replaced. I was able to pinpoint it as the only location between Long Sands Beach (to the south) and Short Sands Beach where it is possible to turn either left or right.

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