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US 1A (Portland)

Click to drive the Fore River Parkway northbound. That's the name of the new US 1A roadway along the Fore River skirting the south side of downtown. Because US 1 no longer comes across the Veterans Bridge, US 1A could not meet it at the interchange at the north end, so 1A had to be extended over to I-295 where US 1 now runs. That also allowed a thorough reconstruction to eliminate the complicated interchange, which included a rotary, and replace it with a couple of orderly intersections. The video even extends across the Fore River via the Veterans Bridge.

US 1A SB where it ends (it doesn't go the short distance to ME 22).

SB at Valley St., where a new Veterans Bridge was built straight ahead instead of to the left. New signs are definitely needed.

An awkward new NB sign. I love the US 1A cutout, but I do not love the lack of centering ability, the awkwardness of the two through arrows, and the periods after "ST" (especially for St. John St.).

Completing the intersection, Valley St. SB, with a directional sign for the new US 1 that looks very much like an overloaded shield.

Underneath ME 77, the Casco Bay Bridge, not particularly interesting except for the S-curve in the middle.

The assembly you face leaving the CAT ferry terminal along the waterfront.

Looking south into downtown Portland. There's just a hint of cobblestone in the road, enough to excite a road historian.

US 1A NB on Commercial St. at Franklin St. Franklin St. was reconstructed into the Franklin Arterial to carry US 1A back to US 1 on I-295. 1A used to continue to India St. and followed Congress St. and ME 26 to old US 1 on Baxter Blvd. (although the old bridge is gone now because I-295 goes that way). If rerouting US 1A allowed Portland to get some use out of the Franklin St. corridor (it was intended for a freeway spur into downtown once), then I can live with it.

ME 77 and US 1A/ME 77

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