Maine Roads - Old US 1, Brunswick-Bath

Former US 1, Brunswick to Bath

Leaving ME 24 (see big link below), old US 1 NB (heading east) is on Bath Rd., and then there's an Old Bath Rd. to the left. So I'd presume this is even older US 1, unless it predates highway numbering altogether.

Continuing NB onto State Rd. in Bath.

This bridge also counts as old US 1, since there's certainly no way to keep the current route on the top deck without a connector road. (There's still a railroad on the bottom truss that remains unbroken, though I can't vouch for its current usage.) The way to get to US 1 is signed via Commercial St. once you've passed the last onramp to US 1 NB.

The old Carlton Bridge, seen from the new US 1 Sagadahoc Bridge NB. I even like the old name better.

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