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Misc. signs

Maine's old shields have a similar font to those of Massachusetts and are scattered throughout the state. You'll see a lot by scouring my pages in this state, and some are even still wooden.

You'll also see this one on my wall. It's metal and tiny.

Not wooden, not the old LeHay font, but still old. However, the flash brings out an even older Maine sign, one that does indeed have the old font and was reused. Both the "no right turn" and ME 92 would now be square - and the former would be graphical instead of textual. And if the former were still textual, all of the words would be the same size. Turn your head upside-down and take a better look.

Courtesy Doug Kerr, old narrow LeHay shield.

The LeHay font isn't confined to route shields. These are NB on ME 216 and SB on ME 130.

In fact, the font isn't even confined to state routes, as seen on the first photo (River Rd. EB toward Kennebunkport). The other two are on a different River Rd. in or around Edgecomb (NB) and on Turkey Cove Rd. NB in Turkey Cove.

No comments on this Portland font.

I'm not sure if this is a LeHay variant, so I'll call it Town Line Sign font. The first is on River Rd. WB from Kennebunkport, and as you can see from the FHWA "Town Line" on top, is clearly a newer sign that still uses the strange Town Line Sign font. The second, with LeHay on top, is in Great Lost Bear Tavern in Portland, and likely came from ME 117 or 160 (the only two state routes in Denmark), but there's no way to know, since clearly town line signs can be on side roads as seen in the first photo.

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