Maine Roads - ME 9


Old shields on the spur route.

EB in Kennebunkport.

Maine St. just south of Spring St., both of which ME 9 follows in Kennebunkport.

ME 111 ends at ME 9, but the end sign comes just after the intersection, as if there's an additional 100 feet tacked on.

To reinforce that concept, ME 111 is signed both ways from the ME 9 EB approach. Because ME 9 follows the coast next to US 1, it's really more of a north-south road, so here it ends up facing west. Not a great way to progress eastward. Note that ME 208 ends multiplexed with ME 9 - but ME 208 is WB while ME 9 is EB.

ME 9 WB in Biddeford, turning from Main St. onto Alfred St. Apparently, there actually is some length of ME 111 that's concurrent with ME 9 before it ends, signed uglily.

More about the church in Saco, but the assembly needs some help. ME 9 goes straight (missing arrow), and all of the routes could use some directional banners. When you're heading "east," you don't expect south (US 1) to be to the left.

WB leaving US 1 from Scarborough, but really facing east toward Pine Point. Between its three southeastern multiplexes with US 1, ME 9 acts as the coastal route, not really a through route to be followed. But of course I'd follow it anyway.

WB into Portland with an awfully done sign and the rare pavement shield. Not only is the shield to be abhorred, but the traffic island should not be black when the rest of the sign legend is white.

Another set of WB signs, of course with an ugly one thrown in to keep you honest. Compare this old-font speed limit sign to the one above. I believe it's the same font, just an older style that fills out the sign more.

WB at Worumbo Mill in Lisbon Falls, leaving ME 196 with ME 125. ME 9 briefly heads east as it curves left at this old bridge. But there's something even better just around the corner.

Not as old (1936), but more photogenic.

Looking west and east along the Androscoggin River.

Yet more WB photos at the end of I-295, including one of the only normal I-95 state-name shields you'll ever see in Maine. So how did the I-295 shield get so screwed up?

Another city, another multiplex. US 201 SB/ME 9/126 WB in Gardiner.

And, just like US 1, ME 9 comes back for a second go with US 201. Here are as many routes as Augusta can cram together.

EB in Bangor, where ME 9 catches a very quick break between multiplexes with US 1A. Photos from those are at the big US 1A link at the bottom of the page.

Into the hills east of Bangor and on through Maine's sparse interior. So few people live out here, counties have inventive ways of dividing up their jurisdictions since there are no population centers. In some cases, you get numbered towns and ranges. Here, you get a numbered T.W.P. Can you tell me what those letters stand for individually? I'll even be nice and assume the T is Township to get you started.

A few mountains and millions of pine trees later, ME 9 comes back to US 1 one last time. The 1's have the old Maine font, if you look closely.

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