Maine Roads - ME 88

ME 88

All photos are from a single intersection in Yarmouth. Really. The rest of the road has nothing.

Like old signs? Head southbound.

Like ugly US shields and narrow I- shields? Head northbound. By the way, if you're having trouble deciding, I traveled SB on 88.

You also see what may be the remnants of the original US 1 routing heading NB. ME 88 with its original concrete pavement underneath heads to the right, and we all know ME 88 was formerly US 1. But to the left is the continuation of Main Street, which then becomes Old County Road, cut off by I-295... and ultimately coming back into US 1. My guess is that when the state took over the general route of US 1 (then New England Route 1), they built ME 88 into current US 1 as an improvement to the old road, so that it was never actually US 1, just the original road through the area.

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