Maine Roads - ME 8/US 201A

ME 8 and US 201A

SB and NB with US 2 EB and WB. US 201A could use a little more room. Not all of US 201A is multiplexed with ME 8, but the only part that isn't, from Norridgewock to Skowhegan, is multiplexed with US 2 instead.

SB at the US 2 junction. Ugly shields for all!

Northward view of a new bridge going in over the Kennebec River north of Norridgewock. It's sure nice of Maine to put in a new concrete arch bridge.

Driving past it SB.

SB through Madison; the breakup shield is my favorite along US 201A, despite it looking like a chipmunk with pouched cheeks.

Still following the Kennebec River, ME 8/US 201A pass by this railroad bridge to the east.

Guide sign on a directional banner.

The worst of bubble shields, ME 8/US 201A NB with ME 16 EB. Yes, east is to the left of north for the time being.

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