Maine Roads - ME 77/US 1A

ME 77 and 77/US 1A

The obligatory photo of the Casco Bay Bridge, facing south.

The more interesting photo of the SB onramp from US 1A. To the west, it heads up over a stone arched embankment - no, make that a tunnel. A long, flat stretch heads east from there, through the second photo, and across US 1A into the dockyards. In other words, there was a former railroad through here, and the interchange was built on top of it. (It may have even been active at that time - there's no structural element in its path.)

I was rather hesitant to enter a tunnel that shows clear signs of being many people's homes at night, on the chance that it may be their homes during the day as well. It was hard to tell, with everything strewn about inside. Still, at least visit the outside, and take a look at the tracks and the stonework.

State St./ME 77 SB at York St., and then York St. EB/ME 77 NB at High St. The last photo is a closeup of the second one. Tell me if that MAINE is wrritten in FHWA font, because I'd swear it's not, but I do like swearing. All of these shields are undersized.

NB on High St./ME 77. On this next small assembly, the I-295 shield has been badly mangled despite the cutout following the correct outline.

SB at Congress St. The ME 77 assembly signs are stamped "J M 78", so we at least know which year they were installed.

Equally old, the wooden one-way signs facing Congress Street. These (front and back) have been replaced.

Looking north at Park St. exiting Deering Oaks Park, now only ME 77 SB but seemingly once a gateway for northbound traffic as well. The 2-way hypothesis is supported by this also being where ME 22 ends to the left.

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