Maine Roads - ME 3/US 1 - Waldo-Hancock/Penobscot Narrows Brs.

ME 3/US 1, Waldo-Hancock and Penobscot Narrows Bridges

Starting with the Waldo-Hancock Bridge, looking east from the Waldo (County) side. It has since been demolished.

Looking back west at the former wye with ME 174. Now 174 also goes to the left, meeting new ME 3/US 1.

Views of the new bridge from the old one.

A small cross-section of what became the new bridge, with asphalt so thin it almost seems painted on. This would have been an ideal playground castle for me, maybe minus the pointy cables.

Across the Penobscot Narrows Bridge, with looks at the old bridge to the north and the Narrows to the south.

Turned around and looking back west at the old bridge.

Once again, the old bridge is indisputably prettier, not to mention more vertically efficient (that's a euphemism for "short"). The last two photos are closeups of the eastern and western towers, the latter of which holds an observation deck that charges far too much money. There's plenty to see from down here.

Back across to Waldo County once more. The town to the north of the old bridge is Bucksport.

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