Maine Roads - ME 3 - E. of Ellsworth

ME 3 east of Ellsworth

Photos on this page start from the end of ME 3 in Somesville and head around the outside of Mt. Desert Island to Ellsworth.

What will become ME 3 WB is now heading south and then turns east off of ME 198, so it makes sense to just call it "Route" until it finds its way. I might also suggest "Outer."

Old and much older, Bracy Cove.

Welcome to Seal Harbor, now let's evacuate. ME 3 "future WB" is now heading northeast.

Continuing north across Cromwell Brook into downtown Bar Harbor at the village green. At this point, ME 3 can probably start calling itself east-west again.

This whole assembly at the exit to the Bar Harbor Ferry Terminal is gone now.

Squiggly arrows greet WB traffic past the shared north end of ME 102/198. I would have just gone with the textual sign here.

Leaving Mt. Desert Island across Mt. Desert Narrows.

Heading east from US 1 and Ellsworth, just converted to one-way operation in 2010. "Reverse direction" is via Short St. I'm guessing there's a bit of a wind issue here near the shore.

See? Same thing westbound at Myrick St.

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