Maine Roads - ME 27/9/US 2

ME 27, ME 9/27, ME 27/US 2

Southbound at ME 238, which runs around the east side of Southport Island. ME 27 and 238 end at each other at the south side of the island in a seamless transition. Really, the whole loop could just as easily be one number, having ME 27 end at itself. Just ask Québec, which does that at least three times with loops a lot longer than this (the longest being QC 132 around the Gaspé Peninsula).

NB at the same ME 238 bridge.

SB onto Southport Island across Townsend Gut. If that sounds like an odd name, "gut" means "narrow channel" as perhaps the last definition in the dictionary, but I could not find any etymology as to why it doesn't mean "festering stew of gastric juices."

NB back across the bridge. That lone signal light is very badly twisted - it's on the north side but not visible SB.

ME 27 NB leaves ME 9/126 WB at the US 201 junction with ME 27 and 126. ME 27 and 9 are only together to cross the Kennebec River.

Leaving US 201 and heading back to Randolph.

Looking southwest along the Sandy River east of New Sharon, this old bridge formerly carried ME 27/US 2 onto Main St. through that town. Now the routes bypass the town on a new (and boring) bridge.

Walking southeast onto the bridge, or at least as far as I'd dare get with an open truss closed to all use. I imagine that as long as the bridge can hold up its own weight, it could hold up a person, but why test that theory?

ME 27 NB and SB in Farmington at the west end of the US 2 concurrency (and south end of ME 4/27).

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