Maine Roads - ME 26

ME 26

This is really about the black-background US 1A shield, and maybe about the off-center I-295 shield (with a state name, too). But then you see the number of arrows stuck on the Exit 8 sign and you realize that ME 26 isn't absent from the error party.

ME 26/100 NB leaving Portland and on up to Gray near Whitney Rd.

ME 26 NB with US 202, ME 4, and ME 100. ME 26 has too much self-respect to hang out with so many other routes for long, so bids them all good-bye (including its erstwhile friend ME 100). US 202 has no such compunction and is rarely seen alone in Maine. Or anywhere else down to New Jersey.

Unconventional signs at ME 26A, and continuing north from there to something rather more conventional (definition 5, based on historical precedent). ME 26 should have the through movement at ME 26A, since the A route doesn't go anywhere (all traffic still has to go through downtown Gray).

Jumping north to Bethel, where the closure of the US 2/ME 5/ME 26 railroad bridge has forced me to go this way (I was following US 2 WB at the time) and has resulted in "North 26" being covered.

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