Maine Roads - ME 24/US 201/old US 1

ME 24, ME 24/old US 1, US 201/ME 24

Bailey Island Bridge, the only granite cribstone bridge in the world. The idea behind the bridge is that the loose stones allow the tide to ebb and flow without putting lateral pressure on the bridge. The outer lattice holds in the granite slabs that provide most of the structural support.

The first house is in Harpswell, and the second house is at the northeast corner of Federal St., which becomes ME 123 to the south, on the part of ME 24 that follows old US 1 east of Brunswick.

ME 24 SB turns right at this intersection, heading south again after its eastward concurrency with old US 1 past Brunswick Naval Air Station.

In the opposite direction, ME 24 NB/old US 1 WB merges from 2 lanes into 1 with a unique adaptation of the merging lane sign. The arrows are a bit hard to read, though.

US 201 SB ends at US 1 and ME 24 continues straight. That's what the overhead white signs are for.

I'm a sucker for an old truss. ME 24 SB, which began back north where US 201 and ME 27 parted ways, comes back into US 201 (of course) and crosses into Brunswick on this 1932 bridge.

Starting onto the bridge NB. The font on the county line sign gives you plenty of variations on the LeHay font.

Finishing off the bridge.

More of the same, but a different bridge, and US 201 isn't along for this ride.

Throw in a cast iron sign for good measure near ME 125.

ME 197 heading east from Richmond.

Count two more cast iron railroad signs at Riverview Dr. in South Gardiner.

Suddenly an old speed limit sign is kinda boring.

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