Maine Roads - ME 22

ME 22

Along Park Ave./ME 22 WB leaving downtown Portland. The last photo is on the I-295 NB onramp, showing that Maine still finds uses for its old font set.

Congress St. carries ME 22 EB next to Park Ave. This sign is just past I-295, on Huntress St.

On either side of St. John Street, ME 22 WB crosses under an old railroad underpass. The second one has another modern sign using an old font.

If it were possible to travel EB on Park Ave., here is what you'd see.

ME 22 EB uses St. John St. (awkward abbreviation, anyone?) to get back onto Park Ave. ME 22 then technically ends at State St., which carries ME 77 SB. This ugly sign is half a block past that, approaching 77 NB and High St. Actually, there's an easy fix: move the I-295 shield up, and put a properly redesigned US 1 shield below.

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