Maine Roads - ME 176

ME 176

Looking south along Bucks Harbor near the western end of ME 176, both in terms of where the route begins at ME 175 and in terms of its westernmost extent. ME 176 generally heads east-west, but the first few miles of "east" are actually due west as part of a loop.

ME 176 EB is now properly heading east and is coming to ME 15 at Grays Corner. This is a unique way to show that the right turn (Rope Ferry Rd.) is a dead-end into a development.

There's a secret border with Connecticut at the exit of the ME 172/ME 175 roundabout.

Continuing east over McHeard Brook as it empties into McHeard Cove. Someone built a lighthouse tower onto their house for funsies.

ME 176 turns left at the East Blue Hill Baptist Church, active from 1880 until right when I visited in 2013.

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