Maine Roads - ME 175/ME 15

ME 175 and ME 15/175

The first taste of LeHay font comes west of Penobscot as I approach ME 199 and Littlefield Cove. ME 175 describes a circuitous west-east route, but in true Maine fashion, the first half is signed north-south and... you'll see. But because of its overall directionality, my photos progress "north to south."

Northern Bay along ME 175/199.

Have some more LeHay, writ large along ME 177 WB. Click for a closeup and see if you can discern the shield's age.

ME 175 NB at the western end of the 175/176 concurrency.

ME 172 is in the same general peninsula but is very much not in Brooksville. This should be a 175 shield.

A scenic rest on ME 15/175.

After heading generally south to Brooklin, ME 175 then turns north again for awhile, ultimately coming back to ME 15 to end. It's not like Maine ran out of state route numbers. Now which way are you going? (This is why I favor the whole route being east-west.)

Looking east over Mt. Desert Narrows and Blue Hill Bay.

By the time you read this, this may be an ex-bridge. The Blue Hills Falls Bridge is one of two concrete rainbow arches in Maine. I guess that wasn't enough for MaineDOT. They could have tried harder to save it.

Surprise! Here we are at the "eastern" end of ME 175, and we're back to ME 15 in a roundabout. Or maybe CT 15. That's why I said "Surprise!"

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