Maine Roads - ME 17/US 2/201/202

ME 17, US 201/202/ME 17, US 2/ME 17

This assembly heads east (NB) from ME 226, but it belongs on 226.

Maine's policies frankly result in far too many concurrencies. There are 999 numbers out there; let's use some of them! There are three routes upcoming in the rotary, shown on a new sign with a seemingly old-style US 201 shield (must be a contractor error). Meanwhile, I'm on ME 17 SB, ME 11/100 NB, and heading east on US 202 at the same time.

ME 17 SB (or has it become EB by now?) across the Kennebec River in Augusta on the Memorial Bridge. Guess who's along for the ride? US 201, US 202, and ME 100 NB. That's three of the four same routes as on the other side of the rotary. Do they all need to be here? The bridge was built in 1921 and the suicide fences were unfortunately added in 2006 when the bridge was refurbished.

Looking south at the ME 17/100/US 201/202 bridge from ME 104. To the east, there is an old railroad truss across the Kennebec.

Again, this is what Maine does... ME 17 leaves its three friends, which pick up ME 9 in exchange. I'm surprised ME 105 doesn't head to ME 27 and start another multiplex. Soon, US 201/ME 100 will split from US 202/ME 9, which then gain ME 3.

ME 17 NB/US 2 WB from Dixfield to Mexico. Peru is just to the south and east. Yes, really. It's just across Dixfield Bridge.

ME 17 NB from US 2 and then turning onto Frye Crossover Road, which seems to be state-maintained without a route number.

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