Maine Roads - ME 15

ME 15

ME 15 SB ends at School St. in Stonington.

Deer Isle's Civil War monument, then SB nearing Sunset Cross Rd.

A lot happens in a short distance as ME 15 NB makes its way off of Deer Isle. It first crosses to Little Deer Isle on a twisty causeway and then comes to the Deer Isle Bridge back to the mainland. Stave Island obscures the first few bridge photos.

ME 15 SB across the causeway, then a look left (cardinal north) at Stave Island.

Click to drive north to the Maineland. See what I did there? I'm surprised I never did that before.

Here's the drive in photo format, heading south across Eggemoggin Reach. The bridge was built with seemingly random diagonal cables for extra bracing. I've never seen cables connect to each other like these, but the 1938 bridge still stands so it was the right answer. The "2000 FEET" in the penultimate photo is a measurement of bridge length, and if you watched the video, you'd see it counts up in both directions. Sorta like a milemarker, I guess?

Two views east off of the bridge. Remember Stave Island? It's back.

ME 15 hitches a ride with I-95 around Bangor and transforms into CT 15. The I-95 shield is typical Maine, with a larger state name (in a special font) compared to the national standard.

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