Maine Roads - ME 127

ME 127

SB to the end of the road where the speed limit drops, and then heading back north.

Southbound across the Arrowsic Island Bridge, once a toll bridge.

Northbound across the same.

The ramp from US 1 NB to ME 127 SB crosses a railroad on this old bridge.

The railroad, in turn, crosses the lower level of the Carlton Bridge to the west, which once carried US 1 on top. Those are the former NB lanes of 1 curving into view in the first photo.

Heading north from US 1, we pick up an old shield and some French mumbo-jumbo. The Kennebec-Chaudière corridor links the Kennebec region of Maine with the Chaudière of Québec. It starts along ME 209, then decides to jump to ME 127 to makes its way north toward Augusta. I'm not really sure why any of this exists or makes sense, except to get more tourists into more towns.

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