Maine Roads - ME 103

This is how Maine signs By-Pass 1 - with the hyphen, inside the shield. Oddly, NH doesn't use the hyphen despite it being a state full of them (on all lettered single-digit routes). Usually Maine is better about directions - ME 103 is WB here.

Passing under I-95 and looking back east at the Piscataqua River Bridge.

Wentworth St./ME 103 at Walker St./ME 103 in Kittery. I'm either artistic or deluded.

Embossed regulations on the north side of the intersection.

ME 103 EB.

Continuing east to the end of the route, past Brave Boat Harbor in Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge to the York River. The "Hidden Drive" sign in the first photo that was clearly once "Drives" is at Wyman Ave.

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