Maine Roads - ME 102A

ME 102A

This mini-shield is the first one heading south from the west end, but you can also head south from the east end of ME 102A, since it's a loop off of ME 102. And ME 102 is a loop off of... itself, although the western part was decommissioned to eliminate that. It really could have just been renumbered to ME 233 if the goal was to reduce confusion, so MaineDOT must not have wanted it.

The entire route is not 25 mph, nor is the route heading in that direction. Kids, never mix guide and regulatory signs. (That's a lie, but this is the wrong way to do it.)

ME 102A NB bears right at McMullen Ave. in Bass Harbor. All of my photos are from the west side of 102A, so you don't get to see how the rest of it is signed. (Answer: no directional banners.)

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