Maine Roads - I-395/ME 15

State name fun and a head-scratcher. All points? Except for due east or west? Unless downtown Bangor and Hampden are points on a straight line extending west, I think the sign lies. This is why the FHWA mandates the use of cities and other such destinations.

ME 15 jumps on at Exit 4 for a ride across the Penobscot River and pretends it's from Connecticut (header photo). Upriver toward Bangor (which does not rhyme with anger) is the Wilson St. Bridge, carrying ME 9 and US 1A, and the State St. Bridge carrying ME 15 Business.

EB on the west side of the river. US 202 has just left and ME 15 is about to leave. US 1 is known as Coastal Route 1 throughout the southern part of the state.

There goes ME 15, and there goes a detour onto Odlin Rd. But where is the state name? Those are Rhode Island's specs, not Maine's.

Odlin Rd. SB and NB. The miniature I-395 bubble shield sign is about 15 feet off the ground. I guess if you can see it, you're in an over height vehicle.

Exit 1B to ME 15 alone

Exit 3 to US 1A
East via US 1A to US 1
Exit 3 to US 202
Exit 3 to ME 9
Exit 1 to I-95
West to US 2
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