Maine Roads - I-295/US 1

I-295 and 295/US 1

Enjoy some state-name shields and older "reflectivity" standards. Non-state name shields are so rare in Maine, the Exit 1 sign stands out for being made to perfect standards.

It's hard to believe MaineDOT planned that sign, but how else could it have come about? Not only is the I-295 shield missing the state name, and not only are the ME 22 and US 1A shields smaller than the Grinch's heart, but the arrows aren't even correct. East is to ME 22 EB only. West is to both directions of US 1A, and 1A SB leads to 22 WB. Maybe there was a full-size ME 22 shield where the little one now resides, but then why couldn't it have stayed?

NJDOT visits MaineDOT and drops off some black borders. Exit 5A was for ME 22 East - and it still is, since Exit 5B serves 22 WB, but apparently it wasn't good enough to put the 1A shield on the sign without taking away the helpful directional information.

Looking north at Exit 6 reconstruction from the ME 25 overpass, but mainly looking at the ugly construction sign masquerading as a BGS.

The missing space from the Exit 9 BGS is where US 1 once exited to Baxter Blvd., and MaineDOT just shoved the ME 26 shield over to compensate. At the next exit, there are just a few too many arrows for the sign's own good. There should be one down arrow over each lane in the Exit Only banner and none in the green part of the sign. Also, US 1A should not have a black background. Maine is a frequent violator of that rule, though.

Oh, I'll vote for your mom again, alright. IN BED!

Looking south from US 201 along I-295 at Exit 31, then onto the freeway. The arrow seems like it's out of the throwback bin.

Exit 2 onto US 1 alone

Exit 1 or straight onto I-95
Exit 5 or 7 to US 1A in Portland
Exit 5 to ME 22
Exit 6B (or temporarily 7) to US 302
Exit 8 or 9 to ME 26
I-295 on Steve Anderson's
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