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By-Pass US 1

By-Pass, or Bypass (in NH), 1 is a 1930's-era route that went around Portsmouth while the old US 1 plowed straight through on sub-optimal streets. With a 45 MPH speed limit at its max, and both ends in traffic circles (well, it continues past the Portsmouth Circle back to US 1), it's clearly now outdated, and I-95 essentially bypasses the bypass, much like I-78 bypasses US 22 (which bypasses now-NJ 122) through Alpha, NJ.

Southbound across the Piscataqua River (no, I'm not calling you a name) into New Hampshire. This drawbridge is newer and thus in much better condition than the one on US 1 that closed in 2011, although they look similar.

Looking west at the I-95 bridge, same river.

The By-Pass 1 bridge as seen from US 1.

Odd shields NB after entering Maine. That's sort of the old Maine font but not on old shields.

Giving SB traffic one last chance to stay in Maine, and then the newer, uglier version of the sign. Doesn't matter, there's no toll.

The two SB signs bracketing the LGS. A detour is of limited use when the other local bridge (US 1 itself) is closed.

Misaligned sign SB at the entrance from ME 236, where By-Pass US 1 used to be two lanes until Maine realized there's no merge room ahead. The graphic on the sign is aligned correctly, but it should be on a diamond instead of a square.

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