Maine Roads - Androscoggin River RR Bridge

Androscoggin River Railroad Bridge

Entering the bridge from US 1 in Brunswick. It's only about 10 feet tall and 10 feet wide, so that 3 ton weight limit wasn't limiting a whole lot of traffic that can actually fit in those dimensions. The bridge was still holding up well at that timee, but it had a sufficiency rating of 8/100 because of its dimensions. Since then, I guess the weight limit dropped below 3 tons, because the bridge is now completely closed on the lower level. That's the old Maine font on the upper sign, even though I don't think it's a MaineDOT sign.

Heading the 300 feet toward Topsham, a long distance to go on a one lane roadway that allows two-way traffic. The lower deck is suspended from the railroad truss on the upper level.

Looking east along the Androscoggin River and back north to Topsham. At least it's not terribly unnerving to stop on this bridge because it's still stable structurally. It's 100 years old now, having been built in 1909 and replacing an earlier bridge of very similar design so that it could carry heavier trains.

Closeup of a suspension cable assembly.

Click the video to drive back south across the bridge.

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