Maine Roads - Two Cent Bridge

Two Cent Bridge, Waterville

Looking east from the west shore.

Walking east across the bridge.

I don't know why there's a house here - would this have been a toll bridge? - but it is very well kept for something that's never used. Then I look straight up the nearest suspension tower.

Looking south on the Kennebec River. The second photo is one of the guy wires that keeps the narrow bridge from swaying when there are wind gusts. The main cables can't help much because there is no transverse connection.

The bridge cables just run straight into the ground. I assume there's something more substantial under there for them to anchor into, though it may just be natural rock instead of a concrete foundation.

Looking west from the east shore. It's nice to see everyone take pride in their work - nowadays it would likely be seen as too risky for an engineering or construction company to display their name on a bridge just in case something should happen (even just a routine collision).

Some more details at that end.

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