Maryland Roads - US 522

US 522

Northbound. (Yep, this highway is so short in Maryland, this is all you get.)

Off the only exit on US 522 SB (except for where it was just multiplexed with I-70), Limestone Road (which happens to be old 522, and dead-ends to the north at the interchange of I-70/I-68/US 522) facing southward at the bridge crossing the Potomac River into West Virginia. I would have taken photos up on the bridge instead of underneath it, but there was an incredible amount of stopped traffic on the two-lane bridge.

I came back, crossed the bridge (actually fairly boring), crossed back, exited, and got these photos at and turning onto Virginia Ave. from High St., using local roads to connect US 522 to the original National Road (MD 144). My reward was an error shield.

While over the Potomac, looking west and east.

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