Maryland Roads - US 50 - Choptank River Br.

Choptank River Bridge (former US 50)

From US 50 WB across the wide Choptank River, one can see the old bridge that was left almost entirely intact for public (fishing) use. Only a couple of spans are missing to let boat traffic through.

EB in the same place, looking the same way.

So you could have guessed what I did next. EB on the old road on the northern (or call it western) shore.

Walking out onto the "pier," which is still striped like a road, and looking at the relatively good condition of the bridge structure (especially compared to other closed bridges I've photographed), then heading back west to the car. Considering the bridge was removed from service in 1987 and dates to 1935, it's aged remarkably well.

Tracing the path of old US 50 WB until it merges into the current WB lanes.

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