Maryland Roads - US 50 E. of DC/I-595

US 50 east of DC and secret I-595

Technically, the Baltimore-Washington Parkway begins at the DC/MD line on US 50, and then exits onto the through route that can generally be called 295. What I just called "295" starts life as I-295, then becomes DC 295 when I-295 exits over the 11th St. Bridge. When it hits the state line, DC 295 becomes MD 201, which leaves the freeway at US 50 to become Kenilworth Ave. At that point, the freeway becomes just the B-W Parkway, although Maryland pretends it's MD 295. Finally, once the Parkway ends it's officially MD 295 and signed as such. The I-295 shield here should really be a DC 295 shield, even if that road does eventually lead to the Interstate.

My guess is that originally there was a larger (regular-size) MD 202 shield centered on these signs, and for some reason its alter ego wanted to make itself known.

In both directions in the vicinity of I-95, pull-through BGS's have a little extra space, and that space would be for I-595. US 50 actually is secretly I-595, but it isn't signed because US 50 and US 301 (once they come together) take up enough room on BGS's, and the road has been known as 50 anyway.

Skipping over the US 301 concurrency (see big link at bottom), these photos are westbound between Wye Mills and Queenstown.

EB approaching MD 213, former US 213 that followed what's now the US 50 corridor to Ocean City.

WB and EB (the latter at Chapel Rd.) north of Easton.

Old US 50, Washington St., SB in Easton. The town likes arrows and red lights an awful lot.

It's only fitting to find an antique car in front of an antique house. The meetinghouse, built in 1880 for those of northern European faiths (such as Lutheran), was named for the nearby creek which in turn was named after the famous Maryland peaches planted here. Okay, maybe not so famous.

Looking north and south from the north end of MD 565, Old Trappe Rd. at Landing Neck Rd. south of Easton. Yes, Virginia, this was old US 50 (and 213).

To the other side of the Choptank River, a westbound shield too wide and a sign too blue at Cambridge Plaza.

WB at a very obvious old alignment, approaching Maiden Forest Rd. west of Vienna.

Looking back east at that stub from the old road.

Don't go looking for these two old signs, up a private driveway off of US 50 east of Cambridge.

Summer sunrise in that same area, ending above the Nanticoke River.

Bus Business 50 appears on the US 13/50 duplex outside Salisbury (heading southeast).

It also seems to be present on every other guide sign on US 50. These are both WB, at either end of the Salisbury Bypass.

MD 346, yet another of the route numbers assigned to US 50's old alignments, spends most of its life north of the current highway, but its easternmost segment is on the south side. This is the stub of old US 50/US 213 where 346 WB crosses from south to north.

EB toward Ocean City. MD 707 consists of a few disjointed segments of old US 50 east of Berlin, all named Grays Corner Rd., while MD 346 does the job for the next several pieces to the west.

Here's a piece of MD 707 on the WB side, west of Herring Creek. It's a double dead-end (first two photos are of the eastern end), transitioning into a bike path on the former right of way while modern, dualized US 50 glides by. MD 707 then picks right up again and heads into Grays Corner.

Welcome to Ocean City, self-proclaimed white marlin capital of the world. It's almost guaranteed they have the world's largest white marlin sculpture at the end of US 50, so I'll probably give it to them.

That's pretty precise. Years ago, it would have been even longer for US 50 to get to San Francisco, but I-80 picks up the tab now.

Head north from US 50 on a one-way pair, and you're on MD 378. Take a left at the unisign and another left to head south, and you're on MD 528. Each route helps the other for the one-way bits, and then later one both of them are two-way. 378 ends fairly quickly, and 528 continues to Delaware as the major highway DE 1.

US 50/US 301/secret I-595
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