Maryland Roads - US 50

Until the Chesapeake Bay Bridge was constructed, US 50 east of there was (mostly) part of US 213, now MD 213 to the north. (The connection was part of MD 18 at that time.)

US 50 east of DC

~ US 50/301

~ Choptank River Bridge

Former US 50 (or US 213):
~ MD 450
~ MD 662
~ MD 731
~ Business US 50, Salisbury
~ MD 991 and Main St., Salisbury

US 50 is in Maryland twice, with so many stops between that you'd lose a bar bet. For the record, it comes in from West Virginia, past these windmills around US 219, then heads back into the Land of Windmills (WV). After crossing into Virginia (West Virginia East, once the same state so it half-counts), US 50 then visits our nation's capital. Okay, that's on the MD side of the Potomac, so we can pretend it's already Maryland, right? Well, no. That's three different jurisdictions between MD and MD.

Into West Virginia on US 50
Into D.C. on US 50
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