Maryland Roads - US 40 Truck

US 40 Truck

Hilton Parkway NB, US 1 Truck or at least formerly so, picks up US 40 Truck at this interchange.

In the opposite direction, US 40 Truck WB ends as US 1 Truck SB continues or continued on Hilton Pkwy. to US 1. I'm not sure because these outlined button copy shields (see the US 40 page at the big link below for more) and the LWS are all very old. Newer signs, as seen below on this page and on other pages, insinuate that trucks are supposed to follow plain US 1 now. Part of the discrepancy may be that these signs predate I-170 and there may have been resultant changes in truck routes. Notice that the last sign has rounded corners and the others have square corners.

Another old sign at that interchange, continuing south.

Continuing onward, this is E. Pratt St. EB at Gay St., courtesy Scott Colbert. It's nowhere near Truck 1/40, but it just somehow fits on this page.

US 40 Truck (and formerly? US 1 Truck) comes in from the right in the first photograph, which is Monroe St. SB. The other two photos are on North Ave. EB (US 1/40 Truck NB/EB) approaching and at the same spot. US 1 Truck ends or ended here; see the US 1 page (big link below) for photos from US 40 Truck where it follows US 1.

The eastern end of US 40 Truck is along MD 151 at this interchange with plenty more button copy.

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