Maryland Roads - US 40 - Hagerstown and W.

US 40, Hagerstown and west

Much of western US 40 is multiplexed with I-68 (and some of I-70), because large stretches of 68 were originally built as part of 40. In these places or even alongside modern-day US 40, the old alignments live on as Alt. 40, Scenic 40, or MD 144 - in one place, US 40 (on I-70), Alt. 40, and MD 144 are all parallel! Visit the big link(s) at the bottom of this page for photos from all of those roads. This page is for US 40 alone.

EB from PA through Indian Springs (at MD 56) to Clear Spring, and yes, the 2nd and 3rd photos are of different signs (the first is on the far side at MD 56). I thought tangled overhead wires were more of a Pennsylvania thing, but it's not that far to the border.

An older crossing of Conococheague Creek that doesn't look like anything special at first, but looks can be deceiving.

From below, it explodes into sunlit magnificence. How did I know? Well, I didn't. I was traveling eastbound, and noticed an old alignment coming in from the west. Then I saw a sign and decided I'd U-turn to check it all out together. Here's the sign:

Notice the word "remaining."

So, next to an 80 year old concrete arch bridge, there's a 190 year old stone arch bridge. Great place to picnic!

Walking west across the bridge, to where old US 40 curved southward to rejoin the current alignment. It's normally not cool to add your own mark to a historic structure, but Mr. Myers found a way to do it tastefully.

Walking back east to where I started.

The view south along Conococheague Creek, and the start of my photography of the "modern" US 40 bridge that culminated in the photos you saw before.

Finally, looking north.

EB button copy in Hagerstown.

And one WB.

EB all the way through the city. The North and South US 11 signs are on opposite sides of the road at the same point.

One WB Hagerstown photo, approaching US 11 after the railroad overpass.

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