Maryland Roads - US 40 - E. of Hagerstown-Baltimore

, east of Hagerstown to Baltimore

One of those "I spy" moments, with what looks like a much older bridge on the WB side on the east side of Hagerstown. So, I spun around for a closer look.

WB across the bridge, which looked old until I turned right. I think it was refurbished at a time when there wasn't a lot of attention paid to historical detail, so it came out looking a lot newer than I suspect it actually is.

From that point east, US 40 directly follows the National Road, so every stream crossing is a 19th century bridge. The first three are at Beaver Creek, Catoctin Creek, and Middle Creek. I don't know the name of the last tiny little tributary, but it had the best vantage point from the side for me to show you an example of what all of these crossings look like:

WB leaving Frederick on a brief divided highway. I'd bet this was an intermediate terminus of I-70 before the Interstate was completed.

US 40 EB and US 15 SB. I-270 begins once US 40 heads onto I-70 and US 340 begins right here along US 15 (in order to keep it connected to its parent). Notice that US 40 is not mentioned anywhere on these peculiarly arranged overhead signs, and relies on a too-bold ground-mounted shield.

Clearly, US 29 NB was intended to have a better destination than TO I-70, but it never made it. The whole EB sign is older, but the 1/4 MILE is a newer patch.

EB and WB where US 40 leaves Edmondson Ave. That old WB shield looks like a one-piece.

EB just after that intersection, and then Nottingham Rd. NB a block further east. Now why was I spending so much time here?

Yes, those are state-name shields. Yes, the fonts predate FHWA standards. Yes, that says... holy cow... I-70N! This is the last remnant across the nation of the suffixed routes (except I-35W/E still in existence). WB at Cooks Lane/Old Orchard Rd., which is half a block east of the Edmondson/40 split. I don't mind giving the location even if the sign comes down, because traffic looking for I-70 will just be confused until this gets replaced. But if you read this, Maryland, please save the sign for me?

US 40 EB at and onto the ramp, with an old and unique SAFE SPEED advisory sign that might even be wood. Some movements use Hilton St. instead, which is why not everything gets neat button-copy outlined shields.

US 40 WB, same spot. There's plenty more, but you'll have to click over to US 40 Truck via the link below.

US 40 bears right onto Franklin St.

Baltimore shields, as is the WB one atop this page.

Skipping former I-170, which has its own page linked below, I present an old overhead assembly WB at Patterson Park Ave. and these WB misshapen, off-font shields just north of the beginning of MD 295.

Paca St. NB, the continuation of MD 295 NB.

Caroline St. NB in downtown, dating to the 1950s. I almost hesitate to give away the location, but Baltimore's one of the few places where all my old sign finds have gone unmolested. (Credit where credit's due, this wasn't my find originally.)

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