Maryland Roads - US 40

US 40

Hagerstown and west
I-68 and 68/US 40
Alt. US 40
Scenic US 40
MD 144, former US 40

East of Hagerstown to Baltimore
US 40 Truck, Baltimore
Former I-170 (current US 40)

East of Baltimore

Old US 40 east of Baltimore (MD 7)
Even older US 40 east of Baltimore (MD 267)

One-piece assembly, MD 281 WB. Maryland groups routes by first digits, so 281 is near other 27- and 28- routes, but that's only for the first few hundred. Up in the 700's, 781 is obviously related to 281; almost all 700 routes are short spurs or old alignments.

Into Pennsylvania on US 40
Into Delaware on US 40
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