Maryland Roads - US 29

US 29

Just north of the DC border, US 29 NB ducks under a railroad.

If you can't read this sign, I'm NB at Cherry Hill and E. Randolph Rds. in Fairland. There's a newer overhead sign that's actually right over the exit, whereas this little guy is set well back. I assume it was just missed for removal, and upon seeing it on my site, MDSHA will be so kind as to pick up after themselves. And send it to me for the price of shipping...

A side view of the brand-new NB ramp sign at the ICC, which really should say "PHOTO TOLL" instead of "NO CASH" to let people know everyone is allowed to use it. Also notice that the E-ZPass logo isn't quite aligned with the top of the TOLL banner - this is typical for every interchanging highway.

Blackburn Rd. EB in Burtonsville has this unique white-background shield. It's not that old, so it should be like all the others.

Older signs with unusual EXIT ONLY placement, MD 32 NB.

Even though US 29 isn't a full freeway, it's limited access so has numbered exits. These strange names were taken by Lou Corsaro heading south.

More older signs with crackling background, now on US 29 NB. The US 29 shield came off of the through BGS (and there should probably be an arrow somewhere in there), but the likely reason it hasn't been replaced is because it doesn't matter. Just to the north of I-70, US 29 ends at MD 99. It may have been planned to continue as a western outer bypass of Baltimore, perhaps up to Owings Mills. Before the Columbia Pike became a freeway, I'd bet US 29 ended at US 40.

Same things, southbound.

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