Maryland Roads - US 220

US 220

Click to drive north from West Virginia into Maryland on US 220, to the sound of Bleed Radio Bleed.

Heading back south into WV.

Greene St. WB, former US 220 on the west side of Wills Creek in Cumberland. The ugly acorn-shaped shield at Lee St. has fortunately been removed, since even a layperson can tell how disfigured it is. MD 49 begins along Braddock Rd. in the last photo, the clearest hint that Greene St. is a former highway.

Things really get historical as I head north into downtown on Baltimore St. EB (US 220's direction does not match the streets, bear with me). I'm sure both of these signs were erected when this was still US 220, and well before anyone considered giving the number "68" to an Interstate.

Old US 220 "SB" (heading west) at the same place.

Questionably old, but it's rare to see a BGS in the middle of a small city, particularly in a place where there are no highways and little traffic. This is on Frederick St. NB, and the way to US 220 is via the old highway - at low speed, through a miles-long residential area on a long, steady upgrade. So maybe the best way to US 220 NB is to bear left (railroad overpass) but then make the next right and cut over to I-68.

Bedford St. is the SB pair to Frederick St., and the definitely-old BGS in the first photo is the pair to the previous NB one. Alt. US 40 follows the National Pike on the north side of the railroad, which is why the exit on the south side just mentioned Queen City Dr.

Old, non-functioning blinker is deeply entrenched in the miles-long residential area, Bedford St. SB at Marshall St., and probably will stay until the utility pole is replaced because the state no longer maintains this road. (If they ever did - there could have been a maintenance-sharing agreement with the city.)

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