Maryland Roads - US 219

US 219

The southwestern corner of the Maryland panhandle is all about windmills, as is a good portion of West Virginia. These photos head southbound, with the mills to the east.

Northbound at same windmills, just into the state.

Driving north past the Garrett County Courthouse in Oakland, on the northeast corner of where US 219 turns at the end of MD 39.

SB in Oakland to Green St. I think there's some sort of harvest co-op to the right, but it could also be eternal Thanksgiving.

Into and out of an old alignment as I head south from Pine Ridge Rd. just south of...

...this underly-famous town. You could say this church was located here, by Accident, and hope people don't notice the verbal comma.

SB through town (the last photos were NB).

Another old alignment, another joke about Accidents, SB.

To stay out of trouble, don't go near the Accident Garage. Stay behind that MdSHA facility and you'll come to a dead end that's been so completely abandoned, there are still traces of the original double white centerline from back when this was still US 219.

The next old alignment up, Stockyard Rd., SB at its southern end.

The northern end of Stockyard Rd. deteriorates into a long section of old, broken-up road that can only be accessed from people's driveways.

US 219 SB, fresh off I-68, passing by the beginnings of what will become Stockyard Rd. around the curve.

This narrow shield comes to you from the old times of 1991, just after I-68 was designated over the freeway carrying US 40 (and here US 219), courtesy John Krakoff.

Leaving I-68 on the other side of the concurrency, US 219 NB turns onto Chestnut Ridge Rd.

NB at ALT US 40, now without the black lane creating separate fake banners above the "ALT" legend. This was US 40 before I-68 was constructed. I don't see why 40 doesn't just stay on the old highway.

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