Maryland Roads - US 15

US 15

NB across the Potomac on the Chain of Rocks Bridge. Maryland's boundary is the southern low-water mark, so pretty much the entire bridge is in Maryland.

A few miles later, the Catoctin Mountains.

US 15 SB at the beginnings of I-270 and US 340. US 40 hops onto I-270 via US 15, with MD 144 following old US 40 through Frederick. US 340 begins multiplexed with US 15 for several miles because it starts at the parent route 40. Old 340 (Jefferson St.) flows into new 340 here from 144, and the old Jefferson Pike (MD 180) starts up again just to the north.
Oh, yeah, notes on the photos. Too much space above the I-70 shield. Fonts too bold in the 40 and 15 shields. Odd-looking exit sign. That should keep you happy.

US 15 SB where it's about to pick up US 40, and some very very strange spacing decisions.

Older NB BGS.

Say goodbye to Waffle Houses and NASCAR! US 15 NB.

MD 806, old US 15

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