Maryland Roads - US 11

Never seen one-piece directional signs like this in Maryland before. NB, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Southbound historical white signs - at least the third one is from the 1960's (in order to be the Centennial Commission for the Civil War... do the math). Williamsport is a heck of a lot better name than Conococheague - for one, we can pronounce it. The first photo is north of the next set of button copy.

Northbound at I-81 Exit 2.

SB, same spot.

Insert the shield atop the page between these two in Hagerstown, and credit all three to Lou Corsaro.

Southbound through Hagerstown, bookended by off-color school zone signs. Hey, they're not just advising you, they're warning you, drugs are free here. Did I get that right? The US 40 shields should hve right and left arrows, respectively, and are a block apart at each side of a one-way pair. US 11 bypasses downtown on Burhans Boulevard, on the west side of the railroad tracks where there is no development. The original route through downtown was Pennsylvania Avenue, Jonathan St. to Summit Ave. (later paired with Prospect St.), and the aptly named Virginia Ave. Burhans Blvd. turns in the fourth photo, and then US 11 passes underneath a restored Western Pacific RailwaY overpass (WPRR was the Willamette and Pacific).

Original STOP-LOOK-LISTEN beacon lives on in someone's front yard. Hey, NJDOT, this is what you're supposed to do with the embossed signs you don't want anymore. Click on the photo to get a closeup of that embossed sign I'm so fond of.

A sideways look at the railroad signal pole. Good ol' Bethlehem steel, it'll keep Eastern Pennsylvania at the forefront of the nation... wait...

The Model 53B signal pole base, still sturdy after all these years. Credit here to Lou Corsaro, who discovered this signal on his northbound trip through the area (and sent me the original photos on this page) and got me to travel 11 from Harrisburg PA south to Winchester VA.

Hagerstown Regional Airport is extending its runway over US 11, after already having cut off original US 11 and forcing it to bend to the east. Maybe now it'll be more than just a regional airport - all it takes is one regular flight to, say, Toronto, to become international. These NB tunnel photos are once again courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Now my photos, heading southbound, watching the old road head straight into the airport buildings, ducking under the nearly-completed overpasses, then up through the rock cuts on the south side.

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