Maryland Roads - C&O Canal - Paw Paw Tunnel

Paw Paw Tunnel, C&O Canal

Here's the road meet, but where's the meet page? Actually, a bunch of us just decided to all gather here while I was out for the day with Mike and Laura Pruett (center, in front of Mike Tantillo). Michael Temme-Soifer and Keith Thomas are to their right, behind me, while counting left from there are Doug Kerr, Anthony Costanzo, and Corey Dukes' travel party. See, I can't say baby's first road meet because it's not a meet!

Walking north from the parking area to the 3,116.67 foot long canal tunnel.

How did I know the exact tunnel length? I'm referencing the survey markers built into the south and north portals.

I'll be using the towpath to get through the tunnel since I didn't bring galoshes, but I wanted to give you a boat's-eye view of the entrance.

A bird's-eye view looking back south, taking a photo of people taking a photo of me taking a photo of them.

The southward journey begins with discolored bricks and the scenery changes as I go on. The penultimate photo was my attempt to correct for sun glare, so you won't see a kaleidoscope when you visit.

Another survey marker (there are many in the tunnel if you care to look) marks Shaft A, one of two ventilation shafts along the way.

Looking south from the north side of the tunnel, you can see just how much mountain was blasted away before deciding to go to a tunnel. Perhaps it could have started a little sooner, you think, but there's no more mountain to the west so the tunnel would have been open-air, which just isn't done.

Walking back south to my car. You can see signs of leakage through the bricks in at least one location.

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